About Us

Our Story


Plvntly is a small business in Northern California, formed by a houseplant hobbyist and 3D print designer that combined their passions to create stylish plant products with a purpose. Our goal has always been to make something functional and aesthetically pleasing to display in our home, right alongside our growing houseplant collection. Our modular plant solutions give plant growers complete control and are adaptable to accommodate space and plant size restrictions. They allow growers to have versatility without forcing them to commit to permanent solutions. Plvntly poles are easily extendable, lightweight, and stable.


Why Choose Plvntly?

Plvntly products are designed by plant people! All of our products are purpose built and address the unique needs that houseplant collectors need, whether that is something for a brand new hoya, or a mature monstera, we have something for every plant.


Made in the USA

All of our 3d printed products are manfucatured here in the USA, and with that comes with the world renowed quality standards that customers can expect from USA made products. Being made locally also reduces the time it takes for us to get the product to you and our carbon footprint by not having to ship from overseas.


Environmentally Conscious

One of our most important values is that we remain environmentally conscious in everything we do. We are currently in the process of being certified as a green company in the state of CA, but here's a list of ways we are helping the environment and reducing waste outside of that:

  • Our founder has over 15 years of experience as an environmental biologist working in environmental conservation.
  • All of our poles and pole accessories are made using biodegradeable plastics (don't worry, they won't disintegrate on you) that are made using renewable materials like corn and sugar instead of traditional petroleum based plastics
  • 100% of the power we use is generated by renewable energy like wind and solar power.
  • 100% of the packaging and marketing materials is either made with recyclable materials, can be recycled/composted, or a combination.
  • For every plvntly product sold, whether you buy it from your local plant shop or directly from us, we donate funds to have 1 tree planted through TreesForTheFuture.
  • All of the plastic packaging we receive, we give to upcycling programs that turn it into insulation for housing and other building materials.
And we're doing more! We aim to be 0 waste to landfill in the next five years, and start a 3d printing waste recycling program.