Sustainability Promise

Bottom of forest floor. Ferns and tall trees.

Our values

As a Certified Green Business, we strive to help our Earth and reduce waste. One of the most important values to our founder, Stephanie, who has spent over 15 years working as an environmental conservation biologist, is that we remain environmentally conscious in everything we do.

Our actions

  • All of our poles and pole accessories are made from eco-friendly bioplastics that are sturdy and won’t break down in your substrate.
  • 100% of the power we use is generated by renewable energy like wind and solar power.
  • 100% of the packaging and marketing materials is either made with recyclable materials, can be recycled/composted, or a combination.
  • For every plvntly product sold, whether you buy it from your local plant shop or directly from us, we donate funds to have one tree planted through .
  • All of the plastic packaging we receive, we give to upcycling programs that turn it into insulation for housing and other building materials.

Your support makes a difference

By supporting our small business, you are helping the environment. For every plvntly item sold (whether it's through one of our retailers or through us), we plant one tree through Trees for the Future.

Our goals

We are always working towards finding more ways to be sustainable and help the environment. We aim to be zero-waste to landfill in the next five years and hope to start a 3D printing waste recycling program.